Wylie Engineering specializes in providing our client with the engineering services they need for a variety of different project and building types. While our core engineering practice focuses around Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing system design, our group of professionals also provide Fire Protection and Low Voltage Systems design, Commissioning Services, Energy Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Facility Assessment Surveys and Arc Flash Studies.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services

For over 30 years, our core focus has been to provide Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design engineering services. With our principal engineers involvement, our team provides innovative, high quality, solution-driven products while maintaining a high level of client service. From simple commercial interiors renovations to highly complicated heating and cooling central plants, WE have the experience you need for your project to be successful.
From simple packaged rooftop units to complex research laboratory process exhaust systems, WE have the experience to put together a complete design and set of construction drawings. Our mechanical engineers focus on providing project specific, solution driven options and not a one size fits all design.

· Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Systems
· Laboratory and Cleanroom Exhaust Systems
· Central Plants
· Kitchen Ventilation Systems
· Existing MEP systems analysis and performance investigation
· Energy Management Controls System and Building Automation Systems
· Smoke Evacuation/Mitigation Design

Our team of electrical engineers focus on providing well-coordinated, safe and NFPA/NEC code compliant engineering designs. Through the broad variety of projects WE have been involved with, our engineers bring a vast knowledge base and understanding of electrical power distribution and generation systems.

· Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Systems
· Power Generation and Paralleling Gear Systems
· Power Systems Analysis
· Arc Flash Studies
· Indoor and Outdoor Lighting and Lighting Controls Systems
· Specialty Lighting Systems

Our Plumbing Design Engineers recognize the importance of thoughtful and maintenance friendly plumbing system. From your standard Domestic Cold and Hot Water Distribution systems to intricate Laboratory Gases and Vacuum systems, WE take a high level of pride in our work and make sure to go the extra mile to produce a complete set of drawings.

· Domestic Cold and Hot Water Distribution
· Sanitary, Vent, Laboratory, Grease and Special Waste
· Natural Gas Distribution
· Laboratory Gas Design
· Process water and RO/DI system
· Medical Air, Vacuum & Specialty Gases
· Reclaimed/Non-potable water systems
· Storm and Overflow Drainage

Technology Services

From basic fiber and data infrastructure to network operation centers with data halls to training facilities with integrated audiovisual systems. Our team of professionals understands the IT and AV infrastructure that you need to make your space and building work for you.

· Structured Cabling Systems
· Intercom and Public Addressing Systems
· Localized and Fully Integrated Audiovisual
· Network Operations Centers
· Datacenters
· Security Access Control and Intrusion Detection
· Low-Voltage Design
· CCTV and CATV Systems

Commissioning (Cx) Services

Recognizing the importance of building systems commissioning, our Founder, Gary Wylie formed our Commissioning (Cx) group in the early 2000s. Through the years, our methods have improved, processes enhanced, experience has exponentially increased, but one thing has remained the same, our commitment to the client and facility owner that they will receive the best service and quality product. Our comprehensive Cx process and relentless dedication to ensuring the equipment and systems function per the design intent, results in facilities operating per as anticipated or better. WE focus on creating a collaborative team approach to the commissioning process, bridging the gap between the Architect/Engineer and Contractor and emphasizing the importance of the Owner’s specific operational needs.

· New Building and MEP Systems Renovation Cx
· Retro Cx for Existing Buildings
· Monitor Based and Ongoing Cx
· Energy Audits and Energy Conservation Guidance
· 3rd Party Design Reviews
· LEED Certification
· Facility Assessment and Capital Improvement Programs

Construction Services

Our Construction Services Group diligently and actively works to ensure that the entire process from concept design to occupancy goes as smoothly as possible. WE strive to support the contractors by performing visual observations multiple times throughout the various phases of construction. This allows us to ensure that the equipment is being installed per the contract documents, and when it isn't, the contractor is able to make the corrections to be sure the overall design performance of the system is maintained as best as possible.
Being familiar with the details of our specifications and how our designs are intended to be built, our Construction Services Professionals support the construction process. Our team diligently reviews Submittals, Requests for Information (RFI) and any construction cost proposals. Our internal processes have been enhanced through the years to ensure quick turnaround of these reviews. Additionally, our PM and design engineers remain available throughout the construction process to attend OACs as requested, answer questions of design intent and provide direction.
We utilize PlanGrid for all Field Reports. PlanGrid is a mobile construction application and platform that is accessible from electronic tablets anywhere access to the internet exists. It allows for the upload of complete sets of drawings so that we no longer have to manage the heavy and cumbersome paper sets in the field. We are able to attach comments to a specific location on any uploaded drawing. Once all comments are compiled and reviewed, we make a final Field Report, showing drawings and pictures taken at the site relating to each comment. If contractors have PlanGrid, the information can be shared immediately. While we utilize PlanGrid, our team is happy to use the decided upon software for the project.

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